Tsubota Pearl

Hard-edge Petrol Lighter

This lighter is as pleasurable to the eye as it is useful. Hard-edge Marble, which reproduces a tortoise pattern using its angular surfaces as its canvas sets the tone for a lifestyle filled with beauty, intention, and artistry.
Handcrafted from beginning to end in Tokyo, the
patterning on the translucent body are spray-painted by hand in multiple layers using “Floated” stencils, then polished to perfection. These mottled gradations are never exactly the same, and are unique to each lighter—creating depth and an interplay of color, light, and material. Enjoy the experience of using this recreational tool as much as the ritual of smoking itself.
marble gray

care & use

Wipe your lighter down thoroughly before use.Make sure that the flint wheel is free of debris. This can be done by using a small brush to clean the wheel. Over time you will need to replace the flint, best replaced when at 1/3rd of original size. To access unscrew the flint screw, remove old flint and replace with a new one. Replace the flint screw. Wick should stand at around 3mm. Over time the wick will become shorter and black, at this stage it is advisable to pull up on the wick (gently) with a pair of tweezers until a clean segment appears. Trim to 3mm.


60 x 35 x 15 mm


  • Made in Japan
  • Polycarbonate, Steel, Urethane and Cotton
  • Lighter does not come filled with lighter fluid
  • Handmade & Handcrafted

    Ethically Produced

    Amitha Collective Certified