Audrey Louise Reynolds

Dubbed the "fashion world's artisanal dyer" by the New York Times, Audrey Louise Reynolds creates color from all-natural ingredients she forages herself, resulting in awe-inspiring one-of-a-kind works of art.


This New York-based artist is a recognized innovator for her novel approach to organic dye making. Her commitment to sustainability is evident in her signature natural ingredients she sources, such as seaweed, flowers, soil, and mushrooms, resulting in vibrant preservative-free dyes. Using color as a general reflection of how she feels, Audrey Louise Reynolds creates hand painted art incorporating her free-form style into each product across different modalities including fashion, cannabis, and interiors.

“Life is fragile, as is the color of a living thing. To harness that color at its fullest potential, even after years, has become this endless game I can play with nature.”
— Audrey Louise Reynolds —


These organic unbleached hemp papers from Devambaz, feature one-of-a-kind works of art by Audrey Louise Reynolds, inspired by peaceful musings of sunsets, landscapes, and abstracts. Each Watercolor Pre-Roll is hand-painted prior to assembly then hand-rolled in France and adorned with biodegradable tips. All pigments are made from ALR'S signature foraged ingredients selected for both their vibrancy and flavor-free properties so that the taste of your flower remains pure.

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