New Arrivals: Objets d'art

New Arrivals

Objets d'art

Discover tools for the art of transcending.

AMITHA Collection: Art-Inspired

AMITHA Collection


Inspired by modern art and minimalism, these aesthetically pleasing objects are as functional as they are decorative

Tanjun Pipe by Laundry Day

Collector's Items

Luxe Minimalism

Create your own contemporary cabinet of curiosities with home décor elements that deserve to be on display

AMITHA Logomark (White)

Elevate daily ritual into high art

AMITHA was created for those that seek beauty in the everyday. A line of luxury accessories designed to enhance your experience, AMITHA products are meant to be displayed alongside your vintage coffee table books or Eames chair. We believe that everyday tools have the power to create an experience that transcends daily rituals into an artform.

Asawa Case by AMITHA

Asawa Case by AMITHA

The vintage-inspired Asawa Case draws reference to the work of artist Rush Asawa, known for her woven metal sculptures.

Discover the Judd Collection

Discover the Judd Collection

Judd is one of the signature collections of AMITHA. Inspired by the minimalist artist Donald Judd and his stackings, the collection features the repetition of a minimalist line on each of the three creations.

Spotlight on Audrey Louise Reynolds

Spotlight on Audrey Louise Reynolds

Dubbed the "fashion world's artisanal dyer" by the New York Times, Audrey Louise Reynolds creates color from all-natural ingredients she forages herself, resulting in awe-inspiring one-of-a-kind works of art.

Sibelley Glasswork

Exclusive Q&A with Sibelley

We speak with Sibelle Yüksek about her career and AMITHA collaborations. Sibelley's glasswork invokes an organic design process that is inspired by human anatomy, elements from nature, and the art of movement.