New Arrivals

Objects d'art

Discover tools for the art of transcending.

New Arrivals

Luxe minimalism

Made for the curious aesthete, centered around cannabis, entertaining, and art.

Tools that elevate daily ritual into high art.

Amitha offers luxury cannabis accessories to enhance your experience - whether it is a solo moment of indulgence or an energizing celebration with friends. We are taking one of our most ancient traditions of bonding over this sharing ritual, and interpreting it in a modern way.

Brand Spotlight

Tsubota Pearl was established in 1952, and is a Tokyo-based company producing smoking accessories

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The Art of Transcending

Amitha looks so good, you'll keep it on display

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Hard-edge petrol lighter

Handcrafted from beginning to end in Tokyo, this lighter is as pleasurable to the eye as it is useful.


Hudson pipe

Watch the smoke billow through the transparent chamber


Sajama ceramic pipe

Carefully crafted with the highest level of quality.