Sibelley | Sibelle Yüksek

How did you first begin your career?

My career in glasswork started in 2014 when I met Uri of Neptune Glassworks at a glass distribution warehouse, Pacific Art Glass. I was working the front desk at the time and had recently moved to LA. Without knowing anyone prior to moving, I felt this was the perfect place to connect with folks in the industry. Uri was growing his small company and it turned out that he needed me to become his glassblower. From there, I worked full time for 5 years, flameworking parts for custom lighting, chandeliers and drink ware.

Did you always know that glass work was your creative medium ?

My original passion was in illustration and comic book arts. I’ve always been drawn to the dynamic movement of the human form and elements of fantasy. When I was pursuing my degree in Illustration, I took an elective class, Intro to Glass Casting and was all-of-a-sudden seduced by the unique properties of glass. I decided to make it my second major because I was hungry to learn more about the material but didn’t necessarily know what I would do with it after school.

Can you share a bit of insight behind what your creative process looks like from ideation to finished piece?

My process always starts when I’m in a meditative place. Usually while I’m running, in the shower or walking my dog. I’m big on day-dreaming about what my next challenge will be. Every time I think about a new piece, I can’t help but create a story behind the work. I love the idea of bringing viewers into my world. After the conception of an idea, I always draw it out. This is important because I can visualize potential kinks or roadblocks for the 3 dimensional object. After that, I bite down and make the darn thing.


How do you come up with the aesthetic and functional design beyond each unique pipe?

My design process is usually very instinctive and intuitive. But that intuition is largely derived from my fascination with the female form.

Can you share a bit about the inspiration behind the unique characteristics of The Magritte Pipe which you designed exclusively for AMITHA?

Once I started talking with Amitha, I knew she was going for an elevated minimalist look. My background in the lighting/design world helped inform me on what clients were looking for in a table side object to enhance a space. I wanted the shapes to have movement but be grounded, to be transparent and reflective, and to have an elegant but strong presence.


What is coming up next for you in 2023?

2022 was quite hectic, so I’m trying my best to maintain balance this year. I will participate as a demo artist for the Glass Art Society Conference in June and teach a class at the Corning Museum of Glass in July among a few other events. I’m extremely interested in dabbling in the world of fashion. I’ve been playing with altering garments by adding removable glass charms and jewelry. I’m excited to see where it goes from here!

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