Tsubota Pearl

Bolbo Petro Lighter


Light up with this silver BOLBO Petrol Lighter by Tsubota Pearl features a slender design with a soft flame gentle on your pipe's rim. It is gorgeous in every detail and superbly solid in feel and function.

Using only the highest quality Brass and Seki steel (steel made legendary for its use in Samurai swords). Featuring the highest quality of components, fit and finish with an 'Old World' artistry that rivals any brand.

Packaging includes a two piece gift box and instruction/warranty sheet. You will not find a better pipe lighter period!

delivers in 4 weeks


care & use

Wipe your lighter down thoroughly before use. Make sure that the flint wheel is free of debris. This can be done by using a small brush to clean the wheel. Over time you will need to replace the flint, best replaced when at 1/3rd of original size. To access unscrew the flint screw, remove old flint and replace with a new one. Replace the flint screw. Wick should stand at around 3mm. Over time the wick will become shorter and black, at this stage it is advisable to pull up on the wick (gently) with a pair of tweezers until a clean segment appears. Trim to 3mm.


  • 2.6" height by 0.79" width by 0.55" depth.

  • Fuel Capacity is 2.7g
  • features

  • Reinforced flame from Dual flame ports (great for breezy conditions).
  • Activated charcoal inside the tank to absorb oil and prevent fouling.
  • A plastic bushing that absorbs the impact and stress from opening and closing the cap (the leading cause of wear and leakage with other brands).
  • A two way flame adjustment. Flame adjustments includes 1st the maximum you set it at and 2nd the normal screw adjustment as fuel volume changes. (This first adjustment helps prevent flaring up after filling).
  • Handmade & Handcrafted

    Ethically Produced

    Amitha Collective Certified