Field Trip

AMITHA x Field Trip Pre-Rolled Cones (6-pack)


These striking pre-rolled cones are based on an original painting by the Baltimore-based artist Phaan Howng, whose work traces the horticultural history of how plants came to be seen as objects, rather than living beings that are integral to our existence. Her Snakes On A Plain series imagines house plants gone wild, taking back the environment from which they were uprooted. In her painting for AMITHA, vibrant red snake plant leaves ignite across the canvas, which was then transformed into a digital print. Field Trip makes the pre-rolled cones with organic, food-grade vegetable inks on organic rice paper, with sustainably sourced arabic gum as the adhesive.

care & use

Each pre-rolled cone can be filled with up to 1 gram of ground flower.


109 mm X 26 mm


  • Organic, food-grade vegetable ink
  • Organic rice paper (comparable to Elements)
  • Organic, sustainably sourced arabic gum
  • Original artwork by Phaan Howng
  • Papers have no taste and no smell
  • Vegan
  • Made in US

Intentionally Designed

Ethically Produced

Thoughtfully Sourced