Laundry Day

Tanjun Pipe


The hand-blown Tanjun Pipe by Laundry Day is named after the Japanese word for “simplicity.” Its simple but sculptural design doesn’t look like a typical pipe, but a palm-sized piece of blown glass art—which it is. Available in a range of modern, playful colors, it glows in natural sunlight on bookshelves, and when not in use, it can also function as an incense holder. Laundry Day is a thoughtfully-designed cannabis accessories brand founded by Victoria Ashley.

Color: Amber

care & use

Clean using 91% isopropyl alcohol and sea salt. Empty the contents of your pipe and wipe the bowl with isopropyl. Submerge pipe into a container containing a mixture of isopropyl and sea salt. Let soak for 4-12 hours. Remove pipe from solution and rinse thoroughly. To remove sticky residue, use pipe cleaners.


Size: 76.2 X 76.2 X 25.4mm


  • Handmade
  • Borosilicate glass

Intentionally Designed

Ethically Produced

Thoughtfully Sourced